JeSaurai accepts submissions from anyone, on almost anything, refer to the catagories on the site for a guide but we are not limited to these subjects.

We accept written pieces, essays, poetry, images only (although a description of the subject and the artist should be supplied) and video.


All written work must be fully edited, no spelling mistakes, no grammatical errors, no obscure formatting.

Be proud of your work, people are going to see it and judge you by it, so make it good.

Your true name and contact details must be supplied, if there is a reason your name cannot be published with your work (you are likely to be imprisoned, killed or fired) please explain this and we will consider hiding your details.

The writing, images, video, or audio must be all your own work. If you are referencing, quoting, sampling others work please link to or credit the true producer. The editorial staff must be able to easily view all references.



No minimum or maximum length. Email or word format is fine. For longer peices send a pdf file and we will use it as a download rather than an article (chapters of books, whole books).


Use jpg of giff files and the maximum size is 2mb although the smaller the better. A similar frame of all images is preferred for easy viewing. Make sure all the detail is clear.


We use Youtube to store some video and we act as a portal, others are stored onsite. Maximum size for onsite video is 2mb.


Maximum size 2mb.


Compensation: As you know the publishing world is cash strapped so expect nothing more than praise (or not) for your efforts. If the webzine turns a shilling into a pound it will be shared. A yearly prize for the best article voted by providers is also in the wings see the blog for updates.

Send submissions too :

We will not respond to submissions not used, and may hold over submissions for some period before use. We are happy to accept content that has appear on other sites or publications.