Freedom Demokratia (thanks to

DemoKratia – how to empower the 99%

DemoKratia is; demos=people, Kratia = power. What I propose is an updated version of the Greek ideal of self governance which uses modern financial exchanges for good rather than evil.

Freedom Demokratia (thanks to

I wrote at the end of last year on DemoKratia that the world was at a tipping point, the suppression of Wikileaks and arrest of Julian Assange, austerity protests, Greek riots and Spanish “índignatos” occupations all signalled an “end of history” moment. We did not want capitalism, we did not want socialism we did not want our current leaders. Since then things have escalated. Now we have revolution throughout the Middle East escalating violent protest in Italy and Greece, riots in London and the global “occupy” movement.

Now I am worried. Leaders are deafening in their silence and self protection, unwilling or unable to make any positive change. We need a way to organise a new democratic global society. They won’t do it for us.

So here in point form is a way we the 99% can build our own DemoKratia:

1) We create an independent monetary exchange system. Money is the global media of values communication. The means of exchange has been taken from the people (cash issued by states) and given to banks we should relieve them of this moral burden. We will use mobile phones, the internet and dispersed servers to store our promises.

2) We Siphon 8% (4% credit and 4% debit) from every normal transaction (the purchase of goods and services)

3) We Siphon high value turnover transactions (gambling, trading derivatives and equities) at 0.5%-0.05% decreasing on the increased value of  turnover. This will trickle money from the 1% to the 99%. (this is a Robin Hood tax or FTT)

4) We pay back 2/3rds of the collected money evenly to all citizens approx $22,000 per person per annum without condition. This feeds monetary democracy by giving everyone a dollar vote. (this is a guaranteed basic income)

5) We pool the other 1/3rd for communal projects
roads, hospital, education, transport and communication infrastructure and the protection of wilderness areas.

6) We switch on the sump.
We find a stable level of payment and siphon at which inflation is under 2% then enact a sump which collects more money in confident times and pays back money in recessionary times. The siphon is a percentage the payment flat therefore the Flow Siphon Flat Payment (FSFP) acts as a real-time money supply regulator.

7) These measures create a system of engaged every day monetary, labour and representative democracy. Vote with your dollars, vote with your talents and labour and vote for your representative.

This is not a revolution but an evolution. Instead of pushing money to the one percent now the greed of the few can empower the 99%. This is the first step to Fluidity.

David J Campbell