Entourage Grenache from Barossa Valley Estate 2009

Barossa Estate Grenache 2009

Grenache is a divisive grape some love it others hate it. I recall a wine maker in Heathcote home to some of Victoria’s best Shiraz (syrah) telling me she hated the smell, hated the look, and hated the taste of Grenache. Each to their own and this quaffer loves it. The Barossa is famous for Shiraz and Grenache in the red varietals and this wonderful drinker which comes from 50 year old back breaking bush vines (no trellising) is perfect.

Its sweet almost minty nose followed is a delight to the Grenache lover’s snoz reminding one there are other red grape varieties than merlot, shiraz, cabernet and pinot noir. This friendly nose is followed by mild dark berry fruits on a velvety soft palate, no great length or complexity but one doesn’t want that in a Grenache one wants a great quaffer and it is. For $15 a bottle there is no better BBQ wine this summer.

Region: Barossa Valley (Australia)

Grape: Grenache

Vintage: 2009

Price: $18 cellar door (we purchased 2 for $30)

Reviewer: David J Campbell


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