Is crowdfunding the platform for a whole new society?

Fluidity_V8David Campbell the author of Fluidity a soon to be published book and film believes “Yes!”. And you won’t be surprised that he and his team of music producer and editor Tim Jackiw and wordsmith Caine White are trying to raise money for the printing and production costs on the genesis of crowdfunding sites Indiegogo. He is hoping at first to raise money to publish the book and make a full length film but eventually he wants to raise enough to build the network of a whole new global society he calls a Global Demokratia.

David has been working on the idea of a Fluid Society for the past 5 years; which have been some of the most socially and economically turbulent in recent times, and I must admit there haven’t been any really new solutions to our environmental, economic and political problems. He says that like many great movements they aren’t the product of grand violent revolutions but grow organically through the cracks. ”The seeds of a new society are already sprouting. Crowdfunding, new currencies like Bitcoin, micro-finance and P2P lending and renting combined with the rise of non-hierarchical organisations are all shoots in what I call a Fluid Society. One where we create many evolving and devolving projects and groups which are highly adaptable to changing circumstances and needs. Fluidity uses a transaction system to underpin our security with a guaranteed income and a method of redistribution and storage. This stops economic stagnation and collapse.”

It sounds ambitious but he says in quite a short time we could grow a “borderless world where our economy is in harmony with the living planet”. But isn’t this what globalisation is? Transnational companies create their own rules across borders, and many blame these global corporations for many of our financial and environmental woes.

“At the moment we create rigid top down systems and structures to give us security. This rigidity really concentrates power and eventually leads to catastrophic collapse. We need to create a society that can flow with change. A society growing from below not ruled from above”

Sounds better than what we have but I guess we will have to wait and see whether Fluidity really can come about. But we won’t be able to do that unless we give David and his team a hand (out?).

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