Don’t pay a people smuggler pay the Aust Govt (SIS)


child in front of bombed buildingYou can get into Australia if you pay enough money. Unfortunately most people in need, in harm or desperate don’t have 5 million dollars (called the SIS Significant Investor Scheme). But if they did they would be given a Visa, a PR, they would be accepted with open arms.


Australia while treating boat people as scum has embraced those with money. This wasn’t part of the election campaign but anyone (read Chinese) who has 5 million dollars to invest in Australia can have residency. Come you have money we love you.




Poor needy, desperate, in need of care… Go to Papua.



Australia Sucks!!

Anyone with money


2 Responses to Don’t pay a people smuggler pay the Aust Govt (SIS)

  1. A one of fee of $20000 seems more reasonable.

    • More reasonable if you get a visa. And you can’t get one for 20K you get hell on a leaky boat. Possible death, and then incarceration on an island off Papua.

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